14 November 2008

A Virtual Thanksgiving Feast -- Please Join Me!

Please join me for a virtual Thanksgiving feast. Here's how:

* Sign up in the comments for what dish you will 'bring'.

* Post to your blog the recipe for your dish. Be sure to give credit if it comes from a published cookbook.

* Send me an email with the link (an cam jong AT yahoo DOTCOM) no later than Sunday November 23rd with the link. You can also link to this page if you wish.

* Write a post on your blog on or before Thanksgiving on one of the these topics:
- A favorite holiday tradition in your family
- A favorite holiday memory from your childhood (or from anytime if you happily think that you can still have the joy of a child)
- Something that you are grateful for this year

I'll host the virtual dinner here on Monday, November 24th.

Suggested menu:
- appetizers
- turkey (or some other main course if you don't do turkey)
- a vegetarian option for the vegans who will visit
- stuffing
- corn souffle
- some sort of cranberry dish
- vegetables
- potato dishes (mashed, smashed, baked, sweet, candied, etc.)
- salad (we need to feel healthy, and some us will be)
- libations -- before, during, after dinner
- desserts of any kind
- anything else that you would like to bring

Will you join me for this virtual potluck? (or, as Hoosiers say, a 'pitch-in'). There will be prizes for best recipe and best blog post and to a randomly chosen dinner guest.


Courtney said...

count me in, Cam. I'm not sure what I will be "bringing" but I love this idea and will definitely participate. What a great idea!

stefanie said...

What fun! I'll be bringing vegan enchiladas and vegan pumpkin pie :)

Cam said...

Courtney - glad you're joining. Any recipe is welcomed.

Stef - I look forward to both recipes, especially the pumpkin pie!