18 November 2008

5 Things I learned today

Taking a cue from Emily, because you don't have to be in school to learn:

1) The weather outside is so much more enjoyable when you wear a warm coat. (Like I've lived all these years to learn that!)

2) My cousin gave me some Samphire and Seaweed bubble bath. I didn't have a clue what Samphire was, but it smells heavenly. Samphire is a coastal plant in Great Britain, has white flowers, and is mentioned in King Lear.

3) It was driven home this evening that how one acts when leading a meeting can really go a long way towards setting the tone, especially when delivering bad news. It wasn't easy, as I was disappointed too, but by acknowledging my disappointment and then stating that we weren't going to dissect the decision that we couldn't change, the group was able to focus on new, positive ideas that will help us accomplish our goal, although in a different manner, with less money, in a different time period.

4) The fastest way to burn your butt is to turn the seat heater to max heat.

5) The last President who was also Secretary of State was James Buchanan. The last Secretary of State to run unsuccessfully for President was Edmund Muskie. Definitely news you can't use -- unless trying to win an argument about whether Hillary Clinton will use Sec'y of State to launch her next presidential campaign in 2016.

: I'm not so sure that I'm running out of ideas for posting daily, but I'm sure running out of energy to write long posts!

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Emily Barton said...

I'm not running out of ideas, either. But it's getting more and more difficult to find the time to get them written down. Oh, and my seat heaters don't seem to work unless turned on max!