23 November 2008

Join Feast, post recipes, chance to win a prize

Just in the nick of time to help you with planning your Thanksgiving meal!

Attend The Virtual Thanskgiving Feast! Tell your blog friends -- the more the merrier.

To join:
1.Leave a comment letting me know your participating.
2.Post to your blog your recipe.
3.Send me an email with the link by Sunday Nov 23rd.
4.Post on or before Thanksgiving on one ot these topics:
- A favorite holiday tradition in your family
- A favorite holiday memory
- Something that you are grateful for this year

See original post for details on prize giveaway.

Check back here on Monday Nov 24th.

Joining in:


litlove said...

It might have to be a bit different here in the UK, but one of my oldest and closest friends is coming for dinner tomorrow night, and I'm thinking of making it a Thanksgiving celebration - although I've never cooked a marshmallow or a pumpkin in my life and it may not happen still! But I'd like to join in!

Cam said...

I'm glad you're joining us Litlove. Marshmallows not required here! I never eat them. In fact, I found out a few weeks ago that my son loves them. How about that? 20 years and I never knew beause they're something I've never had in my kitchen!

Emily Barton said...

Count me in, which I meant to say when you first posted the idea (yea! Yet another post for NaBloPoMo taken care of). I'm going to be giving everyone the (marshmallow-free) sweet potato casserole that I've yet to meet a soul who didn't like (unless they're all lying to me when they beg me to make it).

P.S. I love the fact that Litlove, is participating. Hope she chooses some very British treat linked to some very British holiday to add to the Thanksgiving feast, so we can all learn something.

Cam said...

Em, Glad you'll be joining us. Can't wait to see your sweet potatoe recipe -- I love sweet potatoes and am always looking for new ways to cook them -- as long as no marshmallows are used!