13 November 2008

Autumn Leaves

Most of the leaves from the driveway have been swept away. While I'm glad that we no longer have the thick blanket of wet leaves on the drive, it also means that winter will be here soon. Most of the leaves have fallen and the trees are bare. Here are some photos I took a few weeks ago, when the leaves were flaunting their colors.

Leaf on Drive

More than Net

Geometry in the Woods

Light and Shadow

Against the Wall


ZoesMom said...

Gorgeous shots!

I hate that moment when you realize the colors of Autumn are all gone for another year and it is time to start bracing for winter and all its shades of grey.

Cam said...

Glad you liked the picture. As the plane descended from the clouds this morning, I was pleased to see that the trees aren't as barren in NY as they are in the MidWest. We had a cold snap a week ago, followed by rain that knocked most of the leaves off the trees. I was glad that the cab went through Central Park so that I had the chance to see how nice the trees look. No chance, today, though to go there on foot with my camera :(