23 July 2008

Words on Wednesday

Another word game this week:

Found here, with new words appearing each Sunday.

There are no rules to this game.

A free association list of 10 words. Read; react; write!

  1. Flicker :: photos

  2. Styling :: haircuts

  3. Episode :: two-year old meltdown

  4. Sexier :: desirous, wandering heart

  5. Studious :: contemplative, library, quiet, solitude

  6. Mushroom :: fungus lady at the farmer's market

  7. 8 minutes :: time to get back to work

  8. Bald :: eagle, mountain, head

  9. Immunity :: immigration policies; sanctuary

  10. Sectioned :: bleachers WTF? Why did I think of that? At least I've been honest with this, writing the first thing I think.

Found via this blog.

Another item of worthy wordiness: this week's topic at A Word A Day (AWAD) is words about words and language. Upon glancing at the subject line of my Word A Day email yesterday, not reading closely, I thought the word was catechesis. Funny since the word was catachresis. If you don't know Anu Garg's A Word A Day, check it out. Join over 640,000 word lovers from more than 200 countries who receive AWAD daily and know that the New York Times got it right when it wrote that AWAD was "the most welcomed, most enduring piece of daily mass e-mail in cyberspace."

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