15 July 2008

Three Beautiful Things

Unexpected joys of summer:

Fresh Watermelon. Lovely taste. Slicing this juicy melon reminded me of my grandfather teaching me how to slap melons in the market to tell if they were ripe. Finding a seed in this seedless melon made me smile.

I like watching blue dragonflies flit from plant to plant around my pond & porch. I am not a good enough photographer and I don't have the right equipment to capture the graceful ways his wings flap, making blue arcs across the garden. Maybe there isn't a photographer or camera that could capture his true beauty. Part of the pleasure of watching them, I think.

I am awed by spiderwebs, especially when they catch the last few drops of rain.

What three beautiful things did you hear, see, say today?


Kay said...

I LOVE dragonflies ... and what a great name for them. You have captured three marvels - thank you. I'd love to tak eup your challenge - I guess the three beautiful things for me right now would include the faces of babies ...

the booklady said...

I also enjoyed watermelon today. In fact I just finished eating a great big slice of it and savoring its rich sweetness. That's #1. My second beautiful thing was just sitting tonight and reading a book. Lately I've been spending so much time on the computer, I've been neglecting my first love, reading. And #3 is the happiness I felt when someone told me how good it was to find and be welcomed into our new fledgling book club--almost as excited as we were to find her. It was a beautiful day all the way around! Glad to find your blog too! I love the way you write! Nice idea too...looking for three beautiful things each day! Thank you!