26 September 2009


One has 4 days in NYC, Fri - Mon. Already scheduled: Play Sat Evening (Hamlet), musical on Sunday afternoon (South Pacific), and the Met Opera on Monday evening (Le Nozze de Figaro). What are your suggestions to fill my days?

Please note, the following are not on any list that will be considered: Empire State building (unless it is to laugh at the fools who take video pictures of a stationary building. It doesn't move, people!), Statute of Liberty, the Circle Cruise, staring at the empty pit that was WTC (I've taken the PATH too many times and it always saddens me to see it), eating overpriced oysters at Grand Central Station, congregating at Rockefeller Plaza during the Today Show, seeing real buildings where fake people supposedly lived (cf. Sex & the City tour), touring the Intrepid or strolling purposelessly through the blaring, sense-numbing, migraine-inducing wreck that is Times Square. In other words: I've been forced to do the tourist stuff too many times and am looking for other things to do. Suggestions involving good food or things of beauty always considered.


Anne said...

Kandinsky at the Guggenheim today was very moving.

I've been meaning to do one of the NYC/Hudson 400 events--there's something at S. Street Seaport & MCNY & Hist Society.

Spider web show at AMNH sounded amazing: they covered it on NPR tonight.

Go to Balthazar in the mid-morning, order a basket of bread & peoplewatch.

The High Line.

Go to Columbus Circle & get something delicious at Cafe Boulud & then eat it in the circle or in Central Park.

have fun!!!!

Emily Barton said...

A. The Tenement Museum
B. Touring Riverside Church
C. Sitting in Washington Square Park (weather allowing) with a delicious pastry from anywhere and people watch
D. Any and all walking tours seem to be great (this time of year, there may be some "haunted" ones, but I've never done one of those)
E. Ellis Island - an absolute must, if you've never done it
F. And, of course, touring Union Theological Seminary

Dad Who Writes said...

I can't believe it's nine years since I was last in New York! I always feel the Guggenheim is worth visiting as a thing in itself. And a cheap Mexican and a stroll through St Marks early evening. And Strand. My ritual was always to start walking from the bottom of Broadway and keep going and see where I ended up.

A band in a bar on Bleeker - any bar, any band.

Ted said...

I wish I had seen this sooner. I would recommend a visit to the Neue Galerie and some food there at the Cafe Sabarsky (they also have a lovely bookstore!). Or dinner at Blaue Ganz (same chef). The Harrison, Trestle and Gascogne are some other restaurant favorites these days. If you're seeing Nozze on 10/5, you will be seeing our friend Danielle as Susanna! There's a new wine bar across the street from Lincoln Center that has charcuterie or cheese plates, croque monsieur, etc... and some pretty pricey wine if you're in the mood for that. Three Lives Bookstore on W. 10th Street is one of my favorites, so is McNally Jackson, which has a nice cafe.

Catherine said...

Thanks to all for the recommendations. All good ideas. MOMA Friday, Metropolitan yesterday, Guggenheim & Neue on Monday.

Anne - I didn't know about the High Line. May not get to it this trip, (it may just be too close to my company's offices in Hobo, even with a river between) but I love the idea of this park.

Ted -- the Neue is always on my list. I think the best chocolat hazelnut tort is at the Sabarsky. I will see your friend Danielle on Monday. I've never been to the Met before -- unbelievable considering all of the operas I've seen and all of the times I've been in NYC.

DWW - I feel the same way about the Guggenheim. It may not be the best space for displaying artwork, but I love the building.

Em - the only day for a walking tour would have been yesterday -- but it rained all day. :(

Ted said...

Have a great time in our fair city - I know you know it well! And enjoy the ceremony that is the Met.

Ted said...

How was the trip!

Kay said...

What a good idea to ask for suggestions from locals. We have just come back from a trip to Japan made all the more special and enjoyable because we had locals (our son and daughter and their friends) as guides. Hope your trip was as different, fun and surprising.

Cam said...

Ted - 4 museums, 3 theatres, 2 tired feet, 1 terrific, long weekend! May post words and pics soon, but since returning home, have crazily compressed 5 days of work into 3 whilst fighting biting allegators and dodging hand grenades. Or something like that. :)

Ted said...

In the wilds of the indianapolis swamp!