07 September 2009

Not laboring today

I had planned to write a post today, as I did yesterday, the day before, and many days in the last few months. I haven't moved beyond a few ideas, and one great title (Goose à la Road may still find it's way into written form). I've thought about doing the Alphabet posts that Courtney, Charlotte and others have done, but while I already have great things for b, d, i, s, and w, I can't seem to settle on something for a.

But, today is Labor Day, the ceremonial last day of summer. Here, in the Heartland of the US, it's chilly and grey. Unseasonably cool nights have already signaled to a few trees that it's time to turn color and prepare for dormancy. It's 2pm and I'm still in my pajamas. I looked at my blackberry once, said "not today", and threw it back in my bag. No laboring for me today.

Yet, I will encourage you to watch the clip below about work. But not just work. Hopes, dreams, struggles, and what the nature of work can mean regardless of one's economic status. One's life work is not necessarily one's job.

Makes me feel even lazier on my non-laboring day. Even that is okay once in awhile.


bloglily said...

That was just wonderful. thank you so very much Cam. I'm going over to my Kiva account and putting more money in right now.

Courtney said...

maybe you just start with B and come back to A when you are ready? It's not like there are rules. Glad you didn't labor yesterday...I didn't, either, and it was wonderful.

Kay said...

Thanks for this Cam - inspirational and a jolt to my complacency.