19 July 2010

Sweet Summer Sights

It's hot here and the humidity has been hovering just below 100%.  At least it's not raining -- all the time. 

Yesterday, I went for a walk at the new 100 Acres Art & Nature Park at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  Two artists are living in a floating island in the lake right now. I'll have to go back again with the intent to bring something to trade and make a visit to the island. You can read about their project "Give and Take" here.

The camera, of course, was present on my walk. It's amazing the things you see when you start looking for them.

When I got home, I spied this beautiful blue creature on my patio table:

And these, that came home from the Farmers' Market:
which reminded me, as plums always do, of the poem "This is Just to Say", by William Carlos Williams. They were so sweet and so cold.


Courtney said...

beautiful pictures - you capture summer beautifully in them! I want to start taking more pictures - I haven't been because I've been so overwhelmed with all the ones I need to organize...enough excuses!

Cam said...

Courtney, I should be better at organizing than I am, but the best I do is place them in directory folders by date, and, if I remember, place a tag on the bunch.

Chaptergeek said...

Wow...great pictures! Keep it up!