11 July 2010

Summer Fun: Splash!

Splash!, originally uploaded by Cam.

This week's entry for the Photo Friday Challenge, Summer Fun. Taken May, 2010, Washington Square Park, NYC.


Smithereens said...

Makes me want to do the same! (but uh-oh, I'm in the office)

Cam said...

I agree, Smithereens. I'm not in the office yet, but should be on my way. But it would be more fun to go splash around instead (today it would be in rain puddles.)

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

That is just gorgeous. LOVE the photos you are posting and adored your wardrobe-thru-the-decades post. It's been fun catching up!

Ted said...

Great shot!

healy said...

The kid, the water, the crocs? hahhhaha I am jelous. . .being a kid is a sort of book, that is full of wonders and excitement.

Cai - said...

Great Photo!

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