17 October 2008

This week's To-Do List, with pictures

To Do List:

* Get to airport on time. [Just barely.] a

* Make difficult decisions, such as:

Walk North a

Walk South a

* Take lots of naps.a

* Hug some trees. [metaphorically] a

Palm trees...

Swamp fig on cyprus


* Swim in the sea. a

* See the sun kiss the water. a

* Eat plenty of seafood (Grouper, Flounder, Shrimp, Oysters...) a

* Go to my favorite Audubon Sanctuary, Corkscrew Swamp and observe nature. [alligators, birds, anoles, frogs, plants, spiders, racoons. Heard a bear growl.] a

Red-Shouldered Hawk
Green Tree Frog (hiding)

* Ignore Blackberry. Let others work. a

* Stop and smell the flowers. a
Water Lily

Narrow-leaf sunflowers


Alligator Flag Blossom
White vine

* Lie on the beach under the full moon and stare at the stars. a

* Work on personal projects, not work projects a

* Observe two birds I haven't noticed before [Black Skimmers, Common Yellowthroat] a

* Read. a

* Favorite line of poetry this week:
...from what we cannot hold, the stars are made -- WS Merwin Youth

* Take pictures. Relax a

Old trees hold many tales....


(un)relaxeddad said...

I think I'm just going sit in a corner and feel jealous for a bit! :)

Emily Barton said...

Looks absolutely heavenly. Wish I could join you!

Cam said...

UnRelaxed -- I felt the same way when you wrote that you were going to the South of France a few months ago.

Emily -- It was heavenly! I've never thought of Florida as paradise (sorry, Floridians!), but just being away on a beach with absolutely no agenda other than to go to my favorite beach bar for a grouper sandwich was delightful!

Caryn Caldwell said...

Oh, wow. You poor thing. How will you ever get all that taxing relaxation done in the time allotted to you? Best of luck with it. ;-)