25 May 2008

Fish and Flowers

Lots of flowers this week:

These sent to me on Thursday:

And these too:

These from my garden:

A volunteer:

Iris in the pond:

And along the edge of the pond:

Click to enlarge and see the ant!

More ants & dewdrops:

And a reflective look at the pond. I love how these show both above & below the water.
With fishes:

With water lilies:


Anonymous said...

lucky you, you're blessed with flowers!

Federal Way flowers

Dorothy W. said...


stefanie said...

Beautiful. I love your pond.

sandi said...

Your pictures are so beautiful, Cam! (Love the ant. ;-) )What a good celebration of spring they are!

And thank you so much for coming over and visiting my blog. I always love to see you there!

Emily Barton said...

Beautiful flowers! (And beautiful little ant as well.)

chiefbiscuit said...