15 January 2008

Just when I thought I wouldn't post anything this evening....

I could only think to write about not being able to write. I could write, I thought, about the book discussed at a book group I attended this evening, but I was too tired to be interested. Or I could write about a comment made there about how reading when you're going to discuss a book makes you read in a different way. I thought about how blogging does the same, but I wasn't going to say that in this group. Maybe I'll write about this some other time. I could have written about how blogging regularly was one of my resolutions, but I've failed miserably so far. Blogging once every 14 days was not what I had in mind. I could have just posted "I'll be back sometime. I promise." but that does seem rather dismal, doesn't it?

I was ready to shut off the laptop.

Then I thought about how last year, when my doctor gently told me I needed to lose weight, I asked him how much. This doctor is a 20-yr acquaintance; I knew he would be truthful, but kind. When I heard his whispered answer, I almost burst into tears. Not wanting to be embarrassed at crying over the shocking truth, I smiled and asked him whether I should accomplish this goal by amputating my left or my right leg. He is kind and a good doctor, but I'm not sure that he understands my sense of humor. Maybe I imagined it, but I think he actually rolled his eyes. I left the office and did nothing about my health. Then, following an accident, with my foot immobilized for 6 months, I was able to add significantly to that total.

I don't want to write about my battle with blubber, or how I'm failing all of my New Year's Resolutions. This isn't a New Year's Resolution, but a health resolution. Now that I can wear shoes that tie and walk more than 10 steps, I know that I need to take action about my health. I can't just try some gimmicky psych-out move, like thinking that every bite might kill me. Each unnecessary bite will shave more time of my life expectancy. I do plans for many things but you won't read this plan here, not even if Bloglily asks me to. I have (I can't believe I'm writing this) dubbed this effort the 100/50 plan. This year my doctor told me not to think about the total because I'd be too overwhelmed; rather, he said, set a goal each week of losing 1 lb. But, what do I do immediately? Calculate minimum number of weeks needed. The good doctor's motivational point was lost. But it is not needed. I am determined: 100 lbs by my 50th birthday. Without losing any valuable and necessary body parts and without surgery. 93 more to go. Don't expect me to write about this much here.

So what do I really want to write about? Perversely, this evening, I want to write about food. I saw this meme on Ted's blog. Why do I want to do this? Because it's 12:30am and for the first time in 2 weeks, I am hungry!

What did you eat/drink today?
Lean turkey breast, rye bread, milk, coffee, water, olives, almonds, lots of lettuce, more water, tomato, orange, blueberries, yogurt, a smidgen of cheese, more water, hummus, chicken, brocollini. Topped off with multivitamins and pharma-grade fish oil and more water.

What would you never eat/drink?
Eggplant. Do not tell me that I'd like it if only it were cooked a certain way. I will not. I also will never like peanut butter. Do not come within smelling range of me with an open jar. I will gag. Really rare meat. Cheap wine.

Favorite failsafe think to cook (if you cook) or defrost if you don't?
Pasta with marinara sauce. May be replaced with egg white omelets with fresh veggies and herbs.

Complete this sentence: In my refrigerator, you can always find.... Olives, mustard, pickles, leftovers that should have been thrown out last Tuesday, if the college kid is home, some sort of empty container.

What is your favorite kitchen item?
I love my large Le Creuset stock pot. I also am quite fond of my cooktop and the fancy-smancy coffee maker that froths milk. The acquisitions board tried to veto the purchase of both of these items, recommending less expensive substitutes. Admitting my fondness for these items in writing may cause me more grief than publicly stating I'm going to lose 100 pounds. Now that I think about it, I thought the stock pot was too extravagant too.

Where would you recommend eating out -- either on home turf or elsewhere?
In Indianapolis, R Bistro and Shanghai Lil's. Both are great independent restaurants with amazing food, friendly wait staff, and run by women chefs.

In Chicago, my favorite restaurant is Russian Tea Time. I love the beet caviar! Red Light is also great.

In New York, Haru for sushi. Roberto's Passion on 9th (around 48th?) for a relaxing, quiet Italian dinner at a reasonable price, Bistro 1018 at 110th & Amsterdam for a nice expense account meal. Walk down the street afterwards to Hungarian Pastry Cafe.

The best restaurant meal I've ever had was in Giverney, France at a little place away from the tourists. I think it was called Les Jardins. A lovely place for a leisurely lunch after touring Monet's gardens (skip the smaltzy house tour).

World ends tomorrow. What would you like for your last meal?
To hell with the diet -- ice cream, pasta, hard cheese, a New York Strip, Boeuf Bourguignonne, cheese cake, McDonald french fries, chili, oysters, chocolate, curry, my mom's tuna noodle casserole. Can I have two days notice, please? To drink: a few of my dad's whisky sours. Unless St. Peter greets me at the Pearly Gates saying: Your dad is right over there near the golf course. He has a whiskey sour waiting for you.


litlove said...

Good luck, Cam! I'll bet you can do it. To help combat the effects of ME I went onto a no sugar, no yeast diet a couple of years ago, and whilst it was hard at first, it certainly gave me lots more energy and made me feel healthier (and pounds dropped off). I promise you that in time you don't miss the foods you used to eat much at all.

Anne said...

WeightWatchers online. I tell you, it's very good even though I'm on a plateau and discouraged, too. (And yesterday, after submitting my tenure application, I had two bags of Cheetos!) I'm doing it and Weightwatchers is reasonable and has helped me reset the proportions of what I eat. I'm down 10 pounds. Like your seven, 10 is real. 10 counts. I've got a ways to go, but still...

And nothing is verboten.

Good luck Cam! I mean it: GOOD LUCK!!!


Emily Barton said...

Good luck! To me, you're already 100 pounds lighter having just written about it (isn't virtual reality grand?). I don't know when you're 50th birthday is, but when you meet your goal, let's celebrate with a meetup at the Hungarian Pastry Cafe to have ONE croissant (after all, you should never deprive yourself), and then we can walk it off at Riverside Park.

Charlotte said...

Good luck, Cam. I'm sure writing down your resolution it will help you to achieve it. If you need to post more here, you are sure to find a team willing to cheer you on.

Anonymous said...

As with so many other things, you strike just the right note of resolve and humor. This is going to go just fine, I can see! Change is a daily, incremental thing and although that can be frustrating, it is also a bit of a relief -- you only have to deal wtih the next hour, the next meal, the next grocery shop and all those good choices -- mixed in with a few not so good because that is the human condition -- add up. Best of luck dear Cam and thank you for writing about this.

Cam said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful words of encouragement and advice. I almost turned commenting off on this post, but I'm glad I didn't. I felt better when I read these. And, yes, Emily, I'll meet you at the Hungarian Pastry Cafe to celebrate when I reach my goal. As Anne commented above: nothing is verboten. It's all a choice. I'm just determined to make much better ones using some very specific dietary guidelines.