27 August 2006

Other Things: Not Books, But Movies

Mostly in this blog, I write about reading and writing or things of a literary nature. But sometimes I write about other things. Today is an "other things" posting.

I see a lot of movies, usually about one a week. But I don't write about movies often, because I'm not sure that I have the vocabulary to do so. While I have the experience, by education, of reading critically, I don't have that same kind of critical knowledge when it comes to movies. I just know what I like. And, more importantly, what I don't like.

When I read a book, I can react to it on many levels -- emotionally and critically. But, when I watch a movie, usually it is just an emotional reaction. Often, I'm not sure what to say, once I get past a thumbs up/thumbs down recommendation. So, the three posts that follow are an attempt to do more than just 'yeah' or 'nay' a movie.

Back to books soon.

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