17 August 2006

Old Sol's Planets are not fixed marks?

All you clever wordsmiths: check out this contest: create a new planetary mnemonic for our expanding universe -- well, uh, solar system. The prize, apparently, is galactic recognition.

Check out the comments section for link above for already submitted suggestions.

This article, explains the sequence (MVEMCJSUNPCX). If you're too lazy or pressed for time to follow the link, 'C', 'X', and 'C' stand for Ceres, the largest asteroid, the body dubbed Xena, Charon (once considered Pluto's moon). I am surprised that as of this morning, nobody has suggested an alternate spelling for xenophile, xenophobia, etc. Wouldn't Xenaphile be more appropriate, because, yes, Xena is named after the goddess with her own television program. Why stick with those old myths?


Cam said...

Sometimes Blogger really frustrates me! Went to edit this after realizing an error and lost the entire post. But, could still access the unedited version as a draft, yet could not publish it. Argghhh!

Anonymous said...

There are two C's in the sequence? I've been gone for a long time. The first part has to be 'Most Vipers Eat Mice ...) and the end has to be 'Please Call Xena".