04 June 2006

Reading Sunday paper on line

Although I subscribe weekly to the Sunday NY Times, I think it's only delivered every other week. Yep! It didn't arrive again today. Disappointing, as I usually look forward to enjoying the Books, Arts and Travel sections. (It was somewhat dismaying to open yesterday's NYT and see the two saddest local Indiana stories were on the front page of the New York paper, as I had already had my fill of sadness from the local coverage.)

Regarding today's paper, I guess I'll have to make do with sitting inside, at the computer, drinking my coffee and reading the Book Review on-line. Not quite the same weekly indulgence and I'll wonder what links I've overlooked.

Here is one that I noticed as soon as I logged in: a listing of comments from blogs regarding the recent Best Fiction discussion. I guess there is some advantage to reading on-line in that I can click to the actual blogs. Interesting which blogs the Times chose, considering that I think just about everyone blogging about books commented on the list. There are a few listed that I haven't read before. One of them Baby Got Books has asked for input from readers for their own Best 25 list. Will have to check back when the list is compiled. And if you haven't yet read Silliman's comment on Philip Roth, go read it. (You have to laugh at it, even if you disagree. I happen to agree.)


Susannah said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday - it's good to find you :-)

Neil said...

I love reading blogs online, but for some reason I can't get into reading the newspaper online. It's too confusing for me, and I miss the touch of the paper.