15 June 2006

Poetry Thursday: Box of Poems

Last week my Poetry Thursday post was a poem I had found in a box tucked away in the basement. It's not that I didn't know I had the box; I just hadn't looked in it in several years and had forgotten what was in it: a few short story drafts, lots of clippings and notes, some old letters that I don't remember keeping, and some poems. Some were good, some have potential to be if I do some smithing, some were just in the 'ugh! What an embarrassment that I wrote that!' category.

I was planning to post a different poem than the ones below, but I haven't finished revising it yet so it will have to wait. I've started, but it was originally written in a very chaotic, confusing and depressing time in my life, and I haven't been able to work on it with any clarity of mind, except in very short stretches. It might be a gem, if can get past the mawkishness of it.

This is my 4th Poetry Thursday post and this has been so much fun! Each week's 'completely and totally optional idea' has prompted me to write something, although I haven't finished the 'overheard line' poem. I have a great line, but I'm still chiseling away at the stone to find the statue inside. The best thing about Poetry Thursday is that I've started writing again -- something I haven't done in over a decade. Or maybe the best thing is that I have had people read these poems. Wow! And comment on them. The feedback has been both constructive and encouraging.

Below are two poems from the box that I wrote many years ago; the first over 20 years ago, revised just this week. The second I wrote about 16 or 17 years ago.

Living Alone
I don't miss you
except sometimes at night
when 3am chair-to-chair
cat jumps wake me.
And then in the morning,
when no one is there
to pick white cat hairs off
the back of my blue, wool coat.

Soliloquy: Sunday Solitude
white roof tops
winter-dead branches
Sunday afternoon

baby sleeping
husband gone
alone in my room

the furnace buzzes
the computer hums
noise in tune

papers to be graded
supper to be made
activity too soon


kaleidoscope said...

I'm really glad to hear that you are writing again! Yay! You know, many many poets take breaks from writing. One friend of mine once commented that she likes a period of rest so that she can observe and take things in for a while.

wendylou who? said...

I love the simplicity of these.

Simple, but very complete and rich scenes...

Good job...go dig around some more...

Dani said...

Favorite line:

"activity too soon"

I posted a poem on another Thursday about Sundays, but I think your poem is closer to how I feel about Sundays now. The weekend comes to a close too soon!

wandering-woman said...

lovely poems, both of them

I love "activity too soon" as your last line..just breezes off

paris parfait said...

Both poems are lovely; elegant in their simplicity, yet expressing so much emotion.

Verity said...

These are great, it's good that you're going back and revisiting and revising things you wrote years ago, sometimes it takes years to understand what you've written and gain enough distance to work it into a poem. I love the image of the chair-to-chair cat jumps and the absence conveyed in not having anyone to pick off the cat hairs. I also love the last line of the second poem, "activity too soon", just brings it all to a very poignant halt.

Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting on my poem, your comments pointed out a pattern in my poem I hadn't even consciously created! It's good to see your own work through other people's eyes.