28 January 2006

The Final word on Frey?

Found at MetaxuCafe and originally posted at No Rules, Just Write.

Worth waiting for? My first post on James Frey

Any bets on when the docudrama based on the life and fraud of Frey will be made? The story within the story within the story: James Frey the writer creating James Frey the angst-ridden teen turned addict, with cuts to James the publishing novice duped by his editors, framed by the happenings at Harpo:

"Read this! "
"It's great, so uplifting! "
"Give him a break. The truth is more important than the facts."
"He lied; how could he?"
"Oh dear viewers -- my friends -- let's cry; we're so let down. It was too good to be true! We felt his pain. Now we feel his shame."

What entertainment it will be to continue the mixing of fact and fiction!

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