26 November 2006

Poetry is Like

UPDATE: I've added a few more links from the last few days. I've found over 50 bloggers who have done this meme. Lots of thought-provoking responses. This meme is the writing prompt at Poetry Thursday this week; click over there beginning 12/7 for additional links if you're interested in reading others' ideas about reading and writing poetry. Newer entries here have been posted at the bottom -- keep scrolling!

I thought I'd compile a link list of those who have done the Poetry Meme. It's been so much fun reading the variety of responses which have been, well, poetic. I'll try to keep this list updated as I know of those who have completed this meme.

Poetry is ....

...a good loud scream. IM-Kay, Fiber Cogitat

...the way the sky looks when a thunderstorm is moving in and the sun is still shining on the dark, dark clouds, making them look even darker and more sublime. BikeProf, The Hobgoblin of Little Minds

...loosely connected images that fit together in some shadowy half-known way. Dorothy, Of Books and Bicycles

... like a shot through the heart. Litlove, Tales from the Reading Room

... like academic classicist art. Imani, The Books of My Numberless Dreams

....relentless in a way prose is not in much the same way that vodka kicks you in the gut a lot sooner than wine does. Bloglily

...not be quite as frightening as I thought. Sharon, ExLibris

...a nut. Danielle, A Work in Progress

...miraculous....only ever itself. Stephanie, So Many Books

... pleasing to the ear. Lesley, Lesley's Book Nook unlocking inner thoughts and emotions. Camille, Dabbling Dillettante

... a religious moment. Soul Sister, Soul Sister Reading nothing else. Jenny, Light Reading

...a sugar muffin. Bryan, Bryan D Hopkins

...a widening lens on a camera. Sheila, The Sheila Variations

... a discovery. Iliana, Bookgirl's Nightstand

...lifeblood. (un)relaxeddad, Relaxed Parents

...a lock for which one needs the key. Bellezza, Dolce Bellezza a bath. kermitthefrog, Kermit's Log inexplicable as life and love. It just is.... vivacemusica, Words dry and riderless wine.... Lotus Reads

...a shining net woven of words.... Cindy, Quotidian Light

...often incomprehensible and sometimes inspiring... Bookfool, Bookfoolery & Babble prayer.... Dark Orpheus, Orpheus Sings the Guitar Electric literature what Cognac is to wine: cogent, distilled, and fierce. Robert Peake

...string theory. Sassy Monkey, SassyMonkey Reads affirmation of magic. Michael, StickPoetSuperHero

...the odd but friendly cat that keeps returning to my back door. Kelli, Book of Kells alcohol. Abby, The Rose's Petals offering of pure beauty clothed in words. Beth, Inscapes

...a revelation. JenClair, A GardenCarried in the Pocket

...a set of standards that governs much of how I do what I do. Jane Dark

...comforting. Claire, Being Me

...beautiful mathematical equations. Emily, Telecommuter Talk

...looking at really great art. Bardiac

...magic. But better. Dazey Rosie nothing else Chocolate Covered Musings unexpected Michelle, Michelle's Site a treat to yourself at the end of a hard day Verity like Dada. Dada is a peach.Kevin, Acoustics, Health & Sufism a good photograph G, Bedlam in Mommyville letting go of a handful of colorful balloons. Jenni, Chanticleer eating a beautiful gourmet meal. Heather, womenwyrds

...a gift for those with open minds. Amanda Earl

...Not like in the 1400s when there was no left or right shoes. Pearl, Humanyms intoxicant Ricki, Ricki's Rants and Rambles

....indispensable Kate, Kate's Book Blog art. The Traveler

...rather intimidating. Nat, In Spring It Is The Dawn

...a two-by-four. Marcus, A Comet is Not A Moon the ocean. Matthew, The Other Blog


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I finally posted the meme. Thanks for tagging me!

Rebecca H. said...

Thanks for gathering all those links -- cool!

Anonymous said...

Ditto (what Dorothy said!) -- it was so much fun seeing the responses collected in one place. It's a great thing for a meme-author to do. xo, BL

Les said...

Cam, thanks for creating this meme. It's got me thinking a lot about poetry and I hope to make it part of my routine to read more in the future. I have a couple of books by Ted Kooser (U.S. Poet Laureate) and will post a couple of my favorites from my favorite collection, Winter Morning Walks.

Anonymous said...

Quite late to the game but I just answered it! Thanks for creating this Cam. Great meme.

litlove said...

What a wonderful series of thoughts! You've clearly inspired the book blogworld with your meme, Cam!

Anonymous said...

Bandwagon. Jump. ;)

Now I can't stop thinking about my favourite poems. Thanks for the meme.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lesley tagged me and I'm happy to say I've completed the meme - do take a peek when you can!

(un)relaxeddad said...

What a great collection! And what a lot of reading I'll have to catch up with when I get back next week. Unfair to pick out favourites so I won't!

Bookfool said...

Hey Cam,

Thanks for creating the poetry meme. I was going to tell you I posted last night, then I saw that I'm already mentioned. Wow, you're on the ball! Thanks for that. LOL I can see I'm going to have to spend some time reading your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

A wonderful meme, and just as wonderful to see all the "takers" gathered together in one place for easy perusing!

Anonymous said...

cool! I want to do the meme - but will have to wait a little - a) blogger is doing funny things right now & b) I'm having to do a whle lot of reading of blogs catch-up after a month out of the lop - so it will be a delayed gratification hit in the near future. Thanks for your insightful thoughts on poetry.

Bardiac said...

Great meme, and I love the way you brought the responses together!

Bellezza said...

It was fun to participate in your meme, and to read the brief comments you posted here. Thanks for including me!

Anonymous said...

It came from you? I shake your virtual hand. It'll be fun reading thru the whole list.

Anonymous said...

good to know e-friends via such memes!

Anonymous said...

Cognac, a two-by-four - same difference.