28 March 2010

Pleasure in unexpected things

Friday, my day started with a 6:45 phone call with a coworker in the UK, and I was rushed to get to the office by 9. But, just before I left, when I opened the drapes, I saw the most incredible patterns on the balcony. There had been just enough moisture to collect and then freeze as the temperatures hovered around freezing. Work be damned; I grabbed my camera and clicked away before the delicate lace-like crystal patterns evaporated. The drab, dirty tar of the balcony may not have been the most beautiful background, but the beauty was in nature's design.

I had to rush to get to the office before a 9:30 meeting, but it was worth the pleasure of snapping a few pictures to capture one of those fleeting, marvelous, moments that are too often missed in the chaos of every day life.

It's difficult to remember to look at the world around us with an alert eye. Too often I miss it all; but I try to be aware of the unexpected moments and not miss to many of them. It makes me smile when that happens.

I especially liked the shadows from the railings, in this shot.

I like the designs in the ice here.
I like the way the light reflects in this one.

This is the first time that I've participated in Photo Friday, a weekly challenge. This week's theme: Pleasure. Timely topic, given that I took these before I checked out this week's topic.


Courtney said...

Oh, those are so pretty! I definitely need to pause more to capture beauty like this - I'm so much more likely to be jabbering away on my blackberry or texting...needs to stop!

Anonymous said...

I actually thought that they were some sort of tastefully ornate, silvery, embossed wallpaper at first glance!