12 May 2009

Spring: unfurled, unseen

Spring unfurled unseen.
In times interwoven with rain
the warmth penetrated, luminous
diamond pipes between drops,
soaking into the loam, finding possibilities
archived from the shedding of previous years,
only faint jasmine scents of pleasures
in the gardens of Alhambra.

I forgot to listen at night
for the furtive sounds of the shoots
climbing a steady moon-lit path,
past decaying leaves to stand still
at dawn like vampires, lest they be seen.

And what of such duplicity?
What covenant with angels unknown have they made
that keeps secrets disguised by chlorophyll --
their colors so bright, so luminescent
that they hide behind ordinary greens --
so that we can never be
what they have always known?


Anne said...

that first line is a bull's eye. and I love the end. lovely.

spring is here at last!

Courtney said...

this is lovely. LOVELY. A nice anecdote to my day. Thank you.

Gordon Mason said...

Particularly liked the images in the middle verse "shoots ... like vampires" and the way you forgot to listen!

Wayne Pitchko said...

"and what of such duplicity?"...I like it Cam

Claire said...

wow! this is so inspiring.

your use of the words: diamond pipes and archive is very powerful. very well suited adjectives and a verb.

Andy Sewina said...

I think you caught my attention with the bit about making a covenant with angels.
Cleverly written!

James said...

I also love the image of the shoots standing "still at dawn like vampires." Lovely writing.