09 August 2008

To the f*ckwit who stole the Obama campaign sign in my yard:

You can venture 45 feet up my driveway and then scamper like a mountain goat 15 feet down a steep ravine to steal my sign, but you CAN'T STEAL MY VOTE OR SILENCE MY VOICE!

I know that it isn't very kind of me, but right now I really hope that you ran into the poison ivy! May that 3-week miserably itchy rash remind you that what you did was wrong in a country where one of our basic rights is FREE SPEECH. Perhaps you've forgotten that just like some of the present leaders in Washington. I'll defend your right to your political positions, but you do not have a right to trespass on my property in an attempt to silence mine.

BTW -- just like the previous 4 signs that have been taken from my property -- I'll replace it. Each time I do I make another campaign contribution. So I guess I shouldn't call you an asshole; instead, I should call you a campaign contribution stimulus package!


Emily Barton said...

"Campaign contribution stimulus package." Ooooo, I LOVE that!!

Ted said...

You tell 'em! I'm thinking a strip of something really, really sticky on the post so that next time the sign sticks to their hands, clothes, and the back of their car!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people actually do that, and more than once! Can't you file a complaint? (or just scare them by writing that your property has a video camera?)

Cam said...

Smithereens - I can't believe that someone would do this either. Not sure what a complaint would do, but I love the survellience camera idea. I wish I knew how to put a motion activated spotlight on the sign, (without it turning on everytime a bird or squirrel happens by).

Ted -- your comment really made me laugh. I LOVE! the idea of something sticky on the sign, although in reality whatever substance I could use would probably attract all sorts of stuff from the woods to stick to it. I have visions of some poor little chipmuck or wren sticking to it and hollaring. I'll have to find something eco-friendly and only sticky for Republicans -- err, I mean, sign stealers.

Emily -- glad you share my humor. Once I thought of it as a campaing contribution stimulus, I did start laughing. Still, I'm still pissed that someone would venture so far onto our property to do this. Not only was it in a place not easily accessible (but very visible to a high traffic street), there wouldn't have been an easy escape if they had been caught in the act.

Kay said...

The whole fruitless enterprise is backfiring on them. The sticky substance idea is a good one. Or dye.

Anonymous said...

Well, is it possible that the thieves are people who love Obama, don't know where to get a sign, so figure you wouldn't begrudge them yours?

Okay. Probably not.

I'm going with total idiots who have no idea what sort of woman they're messing around with.

Cam said...

Lily -- I did think of that. But, I live in one of the most gerrymandered Republican districts in my state. Or maybe that is the district across the street...or the one that begins one block over. You get the point. And they are all REPUBLICANS. My husband and I joke that if one of us didn't make it to the polls there would only be 50% democratic turnout in our precinct. Still, lots of people contributing to Obama in my neck of the woods if you look at the maps on those public info campaign contribution sites.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Well said!!! Actually, it reminds me of people who buy books just to burn them. Or those who steal them from libraries because they disagree with the books. Then taxpayer money (including, to some degree, money paid by the person who stole the book) is used to repurchase the book, thus raising sales and giving more money to the author and publisher of said book. The irony, of course, is lost on such people.

I have to admit, I'd be tempted to booby trap the sign somehow.