25 March 2008

The things I lug around....

Becky recently (inadvertently) started a 'what's in my bag' meme. I wasn't sure that I would admit what is in mine, but I started through my pack (yes, it's a pack!) this evening when someone asked if I knew where any tape was. (I was at a church-committee meeting.) I thought I had some in my backpack. So I looked.

What I found:

Ipod case - where is my ipod?,
headphones to ipod,
the piece of paper to reorder my checks (too late now, I ran out last week),
missing comb,
lighter (I don't smoke),
mysterious cable for my cell phone (may be to phone I lost several months ago),
credit-card sized Manhattan address map (the best map! ever! small enough to look at discreetly without looking like a tourist. Only helps with blocks & cross streets),
not so great map of Midtown (Hotel freebie. Not the kind you want to pull out on the street without looking like clueless tourist),
3 Metro cards (no idea if they have any money left),
a very small mouse (the computer kind!),
4 emergency packs of Ibuprofen,
universal computer adapter,
2nd favorite pen,
another set of headphones (the kind you get from the airlines),
compact mirror,
missing black & crystal necklace,
missing bracelet,
pair of earrings,
metal tag showing that one paid at the Metropolitan Museum of Art ( I haven't visited the museum since last summer),
2 coupons for discount on contact lenses at Lenscrafters,
1 dime,
1 penny,
and, at the very bottom, my ipod.

And that is only in the the smallest compartment of my backpack.

In other roomier compartments you'll find:
passport & new passport photos (I've got to get to the post office to renew the damn thing!),
laptop accessories, various cables,
my trusted moleskin,
notebook for a non-work related project,
makeup bag,
green tea,
hand cream,
3 or 4 books,
several pens, pencils, highlighters,
TSA-approved quart size bags,
Listerine breath strips,
bottles of aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen,
a couple folders & work related papers,
and, at the very bottom, much too late to assist my tape-needing friend: a tiny roll of Scotch tape.

No wonder he asked me if I'd ever been on Let's Make a Deal!

You wouldn't believe what I carry in my purse!


Anonymous said...

This meme is making me feel much better about what I carry with me. Cam, that's a lot of stuff. Stick in a spare pair of knickers and you could basically leave home at the drop of a hat!

Cam said...

Yes, it is a lot of stuff! One of the reasons I can leave home on short notice is because I traveled on business so much until just recently. Sometimes I think my backpack is heavier than my suitcase! I should clean it out now that I'm not as frequent a flyer.

renee said...

Lol! Your purse reminds me of a lady I once met at a business luncheon (I work in children's books). She said that she would qualify for let's make a deal too, and I distinctly remember her rummaging around in her purse and pulling out a ziplock bag of strawberries. Anybody want a strawberry? she asked.