23 February 2008

Superhero fantasy

Via UnRelaxedDad and YogaMum.

I couldn't pass this up: Your results:
You are Spider-Man
You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky and have great power and responsibility.
Spider-Man 95%
Superman 80%
Hulk 70%
Robin 62%
Batman 55%
Supergirl 55%
Iron Man 50%
Green Lantern 45%
Catwoman 45%
Wonder Woman 40%
The Flash 25%

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

I think the real difference between WonderWoman and my real alter-ego is that I don't wear a push-up bra.


(un)relaxeddad said...

Strangely compelling this one, isn't it? I actually had a Spider Man rating equivalent to my Hulk rating but for some reason, the quiz went with The Hulk.

And I just found the GameCube Spiderman game in a charity shop for a couple of quid. Spooky, eh?

Yogamum said...

This was a fun one! I fear my superpowers are fading, though!

Cam said...

(Un)R: I can't help but analyze this type of thing as I'm answering the questions and try to fix the results. I couldn't do so on this one. I'm sure that any one familiar with rigorous statistical testing standards would have a laugh at how these are figured. Still, I find them lots of fun, a quick way to pass a few mindless minutes.

Yogamum: Alas, my powers are fading too, my cape torn, my wonderwoman costume faded, unable to spin many webs. Where the heck is that kryponite hiding? Or maybe it's just middle age....