19 December 2007

Favorites Survey 2007 Still Open

Too many things happening last week and business trip this week have meant that I haven't had any time to post here or read any of my favorite blogs this week. Skipped work today so that I could walk around the city and enjoy New York at Christmas time before flying out tomorrow. Hope to be back posting frequently soon, though it might not be too frequent until after the holidays.

In the meantime, just wanted to remind those of you who haven't completed the Favorites of 2007 survey that it isn't too late to do so. You can complete the survey here. 10 brief questions about your favorite books and blogs of this year. If you want to be included in a list of respondents, leave a comment on my blog. The survey will remain open until 12:01 am on 12/31. Results of the survey will be posted 12/31.


Myrthe said...

I just completed your survey.

Emily Barton said...

I've just completed your survey and would be happy to be included in your list of participants.

Dorothy W. said...

I've finished the survey -- you can include me in your list.