13 December 2006

You Might Already Be A Winner: 2006 Favorites of the Year

It is the time of the year when lists are published with "Best of..." themes. Whether it is Newstory of the Year, Best Book, Best Movie, or Best Whatever, I always find that the more interesting lists are those considered that don't win. If it is based on some sort of non-quantitative criteria, how can you really select "the best"? The best-selling (e.g., top grossing) book is quantifiable; a best read of the year is not. I can't narrow a list of great reads to one best; the exercise seems pointless.

But a list of favorites? That's something altogether different.

So, I decided to host a listing of Favorites of books and book blogs this year. But not just my favorites -- I want to know your favorites of the year too.

How do you submit your favorites? Follow the link at the bottom to complete the survey. Since we're not limiting this to a list of winners, the rules allow you to recommend as many entrees as you'd like. Multiple nominees can be recorded in the survey. No need to repeat the survey to nominate additional 'favorites'.

Survey closes 12/26 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. I will compile the lists and post before 12/31. Here are the categories:

1. Favorite fiction book of 2006
2. Favorite non-fiction book of 2006
3. Favorite book-related controversy

Blogs: (Book or Writing-related Blog)
4. Favorite Blog Post
5. Favorite Daily Read
6. Favorite Blog Controversy
7. Favorite Group Blog
8. Favorite Blog Commenter (the one who makes the comments almost as great as the post (on your blog or others)

9. Favorite meme or challenge
10. What didn't I include? Create your own categories and list your recommendations.

Go take the survey. Click here to take survey

You will not be asked any identifying information on the survey. Please leave a comment here to let me know that you've completed the survey. I will compile a list of contributors as well. Your individual responses, however, will be anonymous. So, you can nominate yourself if you'd like. No one else will ever know!

Thanks for participating.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea!!!! Just finished mine! In the next few days I'll do a post on this as well and send people your way because this is great!

litlove said...

Cam - this is such a good idea, you should cross post at Metaxu cafe! Will fill in my answers now...

Cam said...

Litlove -- that's my intent, but haven't had time to do so. Should be there by end of the day!

Carl -- if there was a prize for first to do the survey, you'd win it! Thanks for mentioning on your blog.

Courtney said...

Great survey - I'm going to have to take some time to make sure I answer appropriately but rest assured, I will answer!

bloglily said...

This is a marvelous idea! It's fun pretending like you're on some fancy panel sitting in a plush room on a comfy chair, being fed a nice lunch as you ponder the best of 2006. Thanks for doing this, Cam.

Anonymous said...

What a great exercise, Cam! I will return in a little while to take the survey...this is exciting!

Anonymous said...

I just filled this out -- I'm looking forward to the results!

maggie said...

I did the survey a couple of days ago, and I forgot to leave a message...sorry. :(

Oh, cool idea!