25 May 2006

Poetry Thursday Poem: Archeology


We asked your opinion and
you said ‘It depends’,
And we both echoed ‘On the red wheelbarrow’,
laughed, exchanging knowing smiles.

You were perplexed by yet
another oddity of adults,
pissed, not in on the joke,
locked out across the dinner table by an age.

Your mom being weird,
reciting poetry or whatever you call it:
another artifact of the cryptic,
illusive world you seek to unearth.

How much you already know about
the world because you know:
there is much to discover,
And that it all depends.

Text here of The Red Wheelbarrow, by William Carlos Williams


FRITZ said...

I was that child, so it helped me understand.

Just right.

Dana said...

Oh, this is interesting. I love the idea here of the child wanting to know, being locked out from the things adults understand. I had this feeling all the time as a child. And I love the ending, focusing on what the child does know. Great last line. And the way you worked the inspirational line in is fantastic.

Thank you for sharing this today.

gkgirl said...

"another artifact of the cryptic"

this line
i love


paris parfait said...

Such a powerful poem - brings back childhood emotions! Thank you.

Hip Girlz said...

this is great!

Deb R said...

Oh that is so cool - so evocative of wanting to understand everything the adults do, but not quite being there yet. I like the poem that inspired it too.

chiefbiscuit said...

I enjoyed reading this poem a lot - it gives more life to the red wheelbarrow - a poem I have known for many years. So good to get this snapshot of other viewpoints; the child's, the parents, the readers of poetry and the writers of poetry ...

Sarah Sometimes said...

Yes, I remember those exchanged glances so well. Thank you for posting this poem--I enjoyed reading it. And thanks so much for your comments on my blog and my poem (which I was not even sure was a poem). (Is it proper to post this here or should it be on my blog?--I am never sure, but I wanted to make sure you saw my thanks.)

Cam said...

Thanks to all the great feedback! Not only is it exciting to know that someone actually read my poem, but thought enough to comment as well. Wow! Looking forward to the next time I have something to post on Poetry Thursday!

Cam said...

Note to Sarah: Of course your poem is a poem!

abhay k said...

Hi Cam,
Welcome to Poetry Thursday!
I liked the line and that all it depends...thanks for sharing ..
looking forward for more..